Saturday, September 06, 2008

Order in Chaos? or Chaos in Order ?

time and again, this space has referred to the incorrigible 'mad painter' and His outrageous canvasses! ....the canvas under scrutiny this time, forcing a sharpish downward tilt to the good 'ol cerebellum.
Located, very modestly i might add, on the periphery of a lonely pit (at the backyard of our ancestral house in Mangalore, if you must know!), the above leaf seems to have been a makeshift towel for a riotous holi-player...a flood of gulal which eventually 'pinked' its way to the numerous veins and branches of this hapless victim !!! Chaos then, eventually leading to some order ?

So many "leaf-towels" ??? with the very same singular fish-bone design? this second snap then outrightly dismisses the above balderdash...surely there is an 'organized riot' going on here....tonnes of patience and painstaking efforts can only sketch such a kaleidoscope-of-one-solitary-colour and then "copy-paste' it on multiple canvasses !!!

so who creates orderly chaos ?

..a serene Master?....

or (and the cerebellum vigorously nods its approval here) a mad painter ?....