Monday, October 22, 2007

So Many Avatars...But Who Are You ??

Water, Water Everywhere...but whats her true nature?
I say 'her' - She creates life, nurtures it, sustains it like a Mother would ; but then again, She also destroys her own creations from time to time for no apparent rhyme or reason !!! Not the 'job definition'of a rational person by any stretch of the imagination :)
So what is her real identity? her real form?
Tried capturing Water..yup,plain simple water on a recent ferry trip!

See the pattern of waves in the wake of the ferry's motion..a calm, unruffled surface disturbed dramatically...each wave with a life of her own, merrily dancing and like a domino effect encouraging the next wave to follow suit...but as events unfolded-lasting only for a few moments...she soon restores herself to status quo with a minimum of fuss and the same deceptive serene countenance plays on its face !!!
Fast-forward a few hours later, on the return journey the same water body now reflects the city lights at a a clear mirror, the water itself doesn't 'add value' to reflection, just throws back what is thrown on it ! Just a mute witness to the world outside....

Caught these "little drops of joy" from the upper echelons of an artificial fountain ! Seem to have a life of their own, right? Dynamic, ambitious, enterprising,energising..the adjectives flow thick & fast...
So Who is She? What is Her nature ?
Am none the wiser but perhaps this little train of thought brings about the most intriguing question of all - what is our real nature? that of the inner self ??? Surely there is but one face, one soul behind the countless masks that we wear so conveniently..