Friday, June 22, 2007

Mesmerizing........ For once, i shut up & let the pictures do the talking :)
(pics shot on our way downhill from NathuLaPass,Sikkim towards Chango Lake)

ok, i give i go blabbering again ----

Imagine Time itself stopping its mundane tick-tock, rubbing its eyes again & again in utter disbelief and spontaneously taking an unofficial break to actually witness Nature.....all her elements seemed to have reciprocated and colluded to dish out these visual gems...patiently 'posing', after all they have all the 'time' in the world !!!

"Chinese Nature ?"
'course She pays little heed to man-made boundaries...but when i say 'ChineseNature', well this is quite literally a glimpse of her manifestation in be precise, on the Chinese side of NathuLa Pass at the Sikkim 14,500ft She expectedly does throw some tantrums...our group was greeted with a barricade of clouds & fog as soon as we set foot at the Indian Army outpost..thankfully, She relented soon enough and we had our fill of her play!

A lone Chinese soldier patrolling the area....friendly chap, he even posed for photos with us....ofcourse both parties' on either side of the barbed wire!!! Hats Off to the Indian Soldiers there, smiling amidst all the tough conditions and Her unpredictable often volatile mood-shifts !!! (the Pass is actually open to visitors only for 2-3 months in the year...She likes her solitude, you see ;))